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Liza Minnelli to Receive the Replica Rolex Dance Award

It was just announced the Liza Minnelli will be presented the 2012 Replica Rolex Dance Award for her excellence as a singer, dancer, and actress. In her honor, Stewart Wicht, President and CEO of Replica Rolex fake watch USA made the following statement: "We salute her dedication to the arts and unwavering support of Career Transition for Dancers.?/p>

Rolex replica watches Award to Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli

In response to the announcement Minnelli said, "I fell in love with dancing when I saw my first Broadway show. It was at that moment that I knew what I wanted to do. All of my dreams have come true because dancing has touched my heart. I am so honored and delighted to accept the 2012 Replica Rolex Dance Award and share it with all of the Broadway gypsies who have the same dream…Thank you.?We image she would love a vintage Replica Rolex Datejust watch.

2012 Replica Rolex Dance Award

The award will be presented to Minnelli by famed actress Angela Landsbury at the Jump For Joy: Dance Variety Spectacular in New York City on November 5, 2012. By offering such an award, Replica Rolex continues its commitment to the arts and its talented artists.

The Oscars honored Liza Minnelli for her exceptional skill in the arts. (credit: Oscars)

Icon Liza Minnelli is the winner of four Tony Awards, an Oscar, two Golden Globe Awards, and an Emmy. She was also presented the "Legends?Grammy for her long and inspiring career. This year she will also be awarded for her work with Career Transition for Dancers to help more than 5,400 professional dancers throughout the United States to transition from dance jobs to new careers upon retiring from the performing arts.

Since the Replica Rolex Company's inception, it has aligned itself with the entertainment world and long inspiring musicians, composers, actors and dancers to wear Replica Rolex DateJust and Replica Rolex President replica watches with pride. Such an alignment is logical as Replica Rolex develops products that are both elegant and precise.

Because of its commitment to excellence, fake watch collectors around the world consider new and pre-owned Replica Rolex their fake watch of choice. We salute Minnelli and her dedication and willingness to share her talent with the world!

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